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If you’re like most homeowners, you dread having to repair or replace your sewer line. The cost of these repairs can be high, and it’s hard to know who to trust when getting the work done. Dig It offers a free second opinion on sewer repair and replacement costs. We want you to feel confident about who should perform the job, and we don’t want you to pay a penny more than necessary. Contact Dig It today for your free consultation!


Reasons why you need to get a second opinion:

We can’t stress enough how important it is to get a second opinion for any sewer line repair or replacement estimate, especially if it is a big job. Here are a few things to watch out for if you ever find yourself in this position:


Upselling you on services you don’t need:

Many companies will try to sell you services or products that you don’t need. They may say that your entire sewer line needs to be replaced when only a small section needs to be repaired.

Charging you for unnecessary repairs:

In some cases, companies will charge you for repairs that aren’t necessary. They may say that a simple repair is much more complicated than it is.

Replacing your entire sewer line when only a small section needs to be repaired:

This is a common upsell tactic. The company will tell you that your full sewer line needs to be replaced when only a small area needs to be repaired.

Trying to sell you unnecessary products:

Many companies will try to sell you products that you don’t need, such as special cleaners or sealants.

Charging you more than the quoted price:

Many companies will give you a quote for the work but then charge you more once the job is done. They may say that the job was more complicated than they thought or that additional work needs to be done.

Taking advantage of your lack of knowledge:

Many companies will take advantage of your lack of knowledge about sewer repair and replacement. They may use complicated terms and jargon to confuse you, especially on the bill.

Hiring unqualified workers:

In some cases, companies will hire unqualified workers to perform the repairs or replacements. This can lead to poor craftsmanship and even more problems down the road.

Using subpar materials:

Some companies will use subpar materials to save money. This can lead to more problems and even further damage down the road.

Purposely not fix things entirely so they can fix it again later for more money:

Some companies will poorly repair or replace your sewer line. This can lead to more problems and even further damage down the road for your home or business, but it is an easy way for them to get paid two to three times for doing the same job.


Homeowners can always depend on Dig It!

At Dig It, we are family-owned and operated, experienced, honest people who want to do right by our customers. We work as a wholesale excavation and pipework company and act as a sub-contractor to many larger plumbing companies, so we are very familiar with the all the deceitful tricks contractors like to use.


Don’t let these companies take advantage of you! Contact Dig It today for a complimentary second opinion on your sewer repair or replacement estimate. We’ll ensure you’re getting the best possible service at the best possible price.

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We also offer complimentary second opinions on sewer repair estimates so you can be sure you are getting the best deal.


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We can meet your sewer repair needs using the highest quality products along with superb customer service. We can find the problem and fix it at a cost that is honest and fair. We will explain things to you so that you can understand without the sales pitch.

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