Residential & Commercial Services

Dig It company professionals are highly skilled and experienced in performing various jobs related to sewer systems. We will also educate you on all your sewer issues as well.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Dig It will make sure your sewer line is fixed quickly with minimal damage to your yard and landscaping!

Sewer Repair

Digging a trench is often the best way to fix your sewer lines. Our team of experts can make this process go as quickly and seamlessly for you!

Sewer Replacement

We are known for executing complicated sewer line replacements right the first time. We stand behind our work and will ensure you are 100% satisfied before you pay!

Tap Repair

Dig It is pleased to offer comprehensive and affordably priced tap repairs. With our quick estimate process, you can complete the work in as little time as possible.

Under Slab Repair

Dig It specializes in repairing sewer lines that run through your basement or under your slab. We can always find the problem and fix it at a cost that is honest and fair.

Spot Repair

Just because your sewer line leaks doesn't mean it needs to be replaced! We can often fix it with a quick spot repair saving you time and money.​

Pipe Epoxy Coating

Save money, time, the environment and your yard with Dig It's new pipe epoxy coating. This new technology coats pipes in a hard resin, creating a protective pipe within a pipe.

Site Restoration

After we repair your sewer line, you can count on us to haul off debris, powerwash and install concrete. We have the expertise to handle everything in-house from start to finish.

Free Second Opinion

Did you receive a questionable sewer repair estimate and want to ensure you're not overpaying? Call Dig It! We offer no-obligation free second opinions.