About Us

Denver's Most Trusted Sewer Line Repair Service

Established in 2010, Dig It, Affordable Sewer Repairs has been providing quality service to hundreds of satisfied customers around the Denver Metro area. Dig It operates as a wholesale excavation and pipework company and acts as a sub-contractor to many larger plumbing companies. We may still be doing the work when you hire a large plumbing company while you pay the plumbing company’s mark-up.

Sewer and water main problems create a very stressful situation for homeowners and must be addressed quickly. Homeowners may sometimes feel pressured to make quick decisions regarding sewer repairs and thus make rash decisions regarding pricing. Sewer repairs are often quoted 2 to 3 times hirer than our everyday fair pricing.

At Dig It, we believe that the price for a specific project should match the scope of work involved. Whether you need same-day service for an emergency or are scheduling preventative repairs for a date in the future, our price will always match the scope of work. Our mission is to help reduce the stress and confusion of homeowners by providing honest, sound recommendations with fair, fixed pricing.

How It Works


Free Consultation

When you call us we promise to give you our full attention in order to ensure that we fully understand how we can best serve you. Whether you are a realtor with a predetermined scope of work or a worried homeowner with no idea what the problem is, we can help put you in touch with Denver’s best service providers.


Sewer Evaluation

If needed we will set up an appointment to evaluate the plumbing free of charge. Whether you just need a second opinion or a full evaluation, we can help at no cost to you. Our proposals are clear and simple, showing all of the inclusions, limitations, and price options. We only provide services that have been discussed in detail and determined to be necessary



Permits & Inspection

Upon acceptance of our proposal, we can schedule the work. In most cases, we are able to start as soon as the following day or if the situation dictates, we can often begin work within hours. We will get started on pulling permits for your project immediately and are usually able to schedule an inspection for the following business day. We will provide you with an insurance cert upon request.


We Get To Work

We begin work by protecting your finishes. Be it landscaping, hardscape, cabinetry, or furniture, we take great care to ensure that the affected areas are related only to the work and not the surrounding finishes. After protecting the finishes, the pipe is accessed using a combination of demolition and excavation. The trench is then shored up with hydraulics to ensure workers are safe.



Once the egress and access to the pipes have been obtained, we’ll install new plumbing per the scope of work. The pipe will be bedded and checked for proper pitch/slope and then, if required, inspected by a city official. Upon passing inspection, the pipe will be buried and the soils will be compacted sufficiently by mechanical means.


100% Satisfaction

We then provide a final clean-up and afterward follow up to make sure everything is 100% satisfactory. We haul off debris, powerwash, and install concrete as indicated by the scope of work. We want to make sure you feel well taken care of. We don’t ask you for payment until you have been completely satisfied with our service! You will always hear from one of our owners to make sure you feel great about your decision to call Dig It.