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Before joining the free clinic, most of our patients would not get care and would go to the nearest emergency room and urgent care facility for healthcare. Our patients did not have health insurance for multiple reasons, including not being able to afford the Affordable Care Act Marketplace or private insurance.

Before joining the free clinic, a large majority of our patients were worried about not knowing how to access medical care and where to go for help. Our patients have a variety of medical concerns ranging from morbidities due to chronic diseases to the lack of early detection screenings. In addition, our patients reported missing their clinic appointments because of various reasons including, transportation problems, appointment rescheduling problems, and the inability to get time off from work or school.

About Us

It is our mission to help reduce the stress and confusion of homeowners by providing honest, sound recommendations with fair, fixed pricing. Established in 2010, Dig It, Affordable Sewer Repairs has been providing quality service to hundreds of satisfied customers around the Denver Metro area.

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